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Poem for the Day - Small Boy by Norman McCaig

Posted: 9 October 2018

He picked up a pebble
and threw it into the sea....

And another, and another.
He couldn’t stop.

He wasn’t trying to fill the sea.
He wasn’t trying to empty the beach.

He was just throwing away,
nothing else but.

Like a kitten playing
he was practicing for the future

when there’ll be so many things
he’ll want to throw away

if only his fingers will unclench
and let them go

Small Boy
Norman McCaig

Random Haiku #36 - For Ruth Davidson

Posted: 26 April 2018

Well done, Ruth and Jen,
A baby box on its way,...
Love from Nicola!

Bill Adair

Poem for the Day - Because She Would Ask Me Why I Loved Her by Christopher John Brennan

Posted: 25 April 2018

Poem for the Day

If questioning would make us wise
No eyes would ever gaze in eyes;
If all our tale were told in speech ...
No mouths would wander each to each.

Were spirits free from mortal mesh
And love not bound in hearts of flesh
No aching breasts would yearn to meet
And find their ecstasy complete.

For who is there that lives and knows
The secret powers by which he grows?
Were knowledge all, what were our need
To thrill and faint and sweetly bleed?

Then seek not, sweet, the "If" and "Why"
I love you now until I die.
For I must love because I live
And life in me is what you give.

Because She Would Ask Me Why I Loved Her
Christopher John Brennan

Poem for the Day - Butterfly Movement by R. S. Thomas

Posted: 16 April 2018

Poemfor the Day

Butterfly movement
as though a rainbow
had taken wing, falling
with the softness of light

on our horizon, a reminder
of God’s promise to lay
aside wrath. And what,
this moment at gaze

in the afternoon sun,
we ask, was the nature 
of our sin that it deserved
so beautifully to be forgiven?

Butterfly Movement
R. S. Thomas

Poem for the Day - The Old Familiar Faces by Charles Lamb

Posted: 15 April 2018

Poem for the Day 

I have had playmates, I have had companions, 
In my days of childhood, in my joyful school-days, 
All, all are gone, the old familiar faces. 

I have been laughing, I have been carousing, 
Drinking late, sitting late, with my bosom cronies, 
All, all are gone, the old familiar faces. 

I loved a love once, fairest among women; 
Closed are her doors on me, I must not see her — 
All, all are gone, the old familiar faces. 

I have a friend, a kinder friend has no man; 
Like an ingrate, I left my friend abruptly; 
Left him, to muse on the old familiar faces. 

Ghost-like, I paced round the haunts of my childhood. 
Earth seemed a desert I was bound to traverse, 
Seeking to find the old familiar faces. 

Friend of my bosom, thou more than a brother, 
Why wert not thou born in my father's dwelling? 
So might we talk of the old familiar faces — 

How some they have died, and some they have left me, 
And some are taken from me; all are departed; 
All, all are gone, the old familiar faces. 

The Old Familiar Faces 
Charles Lamb

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